Tobacco Hall Odrin 8



In the first half of the 20th century the largest tobacco industry in the country exporting cigarettes to Europe settled in Plovdiv. In the late 30’s the tobacco and food industry provided jobs to nearly 16,000 craftsmen and over 17,000 workers.

Despite the decline of the tobacco industry, the massive buildings continue to occupy a large part in the heart of the city. On March 7th the city of Plovdiv woke up with one national preserved monument less as a result of the illegal demolition of the largest tobacco warehouse “Odrin 8”. Again private interests overpower the once laid down in the Application Form for Plovdiv 2019 proposals for the transformation of the neighborhood “Tobacco City” into a cultural center.

The scandal reaches national and international news coverage because of the ensuing investigation, indicating falsified documents and decisions authorized by municipality in contravention of the law on protection of cultural monuments.